EIP-3361: eth_signMessage

This proposal aims to reduce the fragmentation of both decentralizated applications and wallets regarding JSON-RPC methods to request message signatures. Also aims to incentivize implementers to move away from legacy methods that may have inherited broken implementations.


This is quite a simple one and I think that the fact that EIP-1474 is not finalized yet gives us the opportunity to clean up some history with breaking changes.

unprefixed and/or prefixed eth_sign can still exist and so can exist personal_sign

However this proposal would create a new method name for the prefixed eth_sign which can be part of EIP-1474 standard and all dapps/wallets can move towards using the same

Essentially eth_signMessage becomes the standard when EIP-1474 is finalized and we can slowly deprecate the other ones

cc @danfinlay @rekmarks


I like it! Working with both eth_sign and personal_sign (where the former doesn’t include the prefix, and the latter does) has been pretty confusing and folks keep mixing up which is which. eth_signMessage seems to make much more sense

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This makes a lot of sense to me. @pedrouid I saw the EIP was closed as JSON-RPC specifications are moving out of the EIPs repository - is there an ongoing discussion about this somewhere else?

Unfortunately not :sweat: It’s something that I feel it should urgently addressed but just needs to be pushed to production