EIP-3091: Block Explorer API Routes

Providing wallet with a blockExporerUrl could be valuable given that applications can permissionessly interface with each other given that standards are followed and become interoperable.

Hence I’ve explored existing block explorers and identified existing patterns where these endpoints are in consensus and could be specified under a standard which this EIP describes

L1 Blockchain Explorers


Blockscout (chainId=100) -> https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/blocks/<BLOCK_HASH_OR_HEIGHT>
Etherscan (chainId=1) -> https://etherscan.io/block/<BLOCK_HASH_OR_HEIGHT>
Etherchain (chainId=1) -> https://etherchain.org/block/<BLOCK_HASH_OR_HEIGHT>
Ethplorer (chainId=1) -> unsupported

Etherscan and Etherchain are in consensus for blocks endpoint but Blockscout uses /blocks endpoint instead and Ethplorer doesn’t have a page for blocks so returns 404 not found.


Blockscout (chainId=100) -> https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/tx/<TX_HASH>
Etherscan (chainId=1) -> https://etherscan.io/tx/<TX_HASH>
Etherchain (chainId=1) -> https://etherchain.org/tx/<TX_HASH>
Ethplorer (chainId=1) -> https://ethplorer.io/tx/<TX_HASH>

All block explorers are in consensus for transactions endpoint.


Blockscout (chainId=100) -> https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/address/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>
Etherscan (chainId=1) -> https://etherscan.io/address/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>
Etherchain (chainId=1) -> https://etherchain.org/account/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>
Ethplorer (chainId=1) -> https://ethplorer.io/address/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>

All block explorers are in consensus for accounts endpoint except Etherchain which uses /account endpoint instead

ERC-20 Tokens

Blockscout (chainId=100) -> https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/tokens/<TOKEN_ADDRESS>
Etherscan (chainId=1) -> https://etherscan.io/token/<TOKEN_ADDRESS>
Etherchain (chainId=1) -> https://etherchain.org/token/<TOKEN_ADDRESS>
Ethplorer (chainId=1) -> https://ethplorer.io/address/<TOKEN_ADDRESS>

Etherscan and Etherchain are in consensus but Blockscout uses /tokens endpoint instead and Ethplorer doesn’t have a page for tokens so redirects to accounts page (/address).

L2 Explorers


Matic -> https://explorer.matic.network/blocks/<BLOCK_HEIGHT_OR_HASH>
zkScan -> https://zkscan.io/blocks/<BLOCK_NUMBER>
Fuel -> https://rinkeby.fuel.sh/block/<BLOCK_NUMBER>


Matic -> https://explorer.matic.network/tx/<TX_HASH>
zkScan -> https://zkscan.io/transactions/<TX_HASH>
Fuel -> https://rinkeby.fuel.sh/tx/<TX_HASH>


Matic -> https://explorer.matic.network/address/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>
zkScan -> https://zkscan.io/accounts/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>
Fuel -> https://rinkeby.fuel.sh/address/<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>

ERC-20 Tokens

Matic -> https://explorer.matic.network/tokens/<TOKEN_ADDRESS>
zkScan -> unsupported (/tokens displays a list of tokens pointing to L1 explorer)
Fuel -> unsupported








ERC-20 Tokens



It would make more sense to use the standard approach of /.well-known, per RFC 8615 - and for that matter to define a standard query location, and then a very simple query language.

A parameter for what you want to see (block, account, tx, token), and one for where to find it…

The Eth way might be to encode the query in some hex format, with one byte for what you want an the rest for where to find it.

The “old web” way would be to defined a semi-readable parameter string like https://scanner.example.org/.well-known/EthExplorer?item:block;location:ace98769865cedfed or https://scanner.example.org/.well-known/EthExplorer?type:account;location:018fded5eedfed01812;chainid+networkid or something.

@chaals I respectfully disagree - this EIP perfectly fulfilled it’s purpose of getting uniform routes for explorers - before the EIP it was a mess - this EIP created a shelling point and explorers converged to using the same routes. I fail to see the advantages of using well-known here - only disadvantages of less e.g. not having “This EIP was designed with existing API routes in mind to reduce disruption.” Wondering what advantages you see in using .well-known so it would make more sense?
That said: you could create another EIP to go the well-known way - I just think it will be an uphill battle to get explorers to adopt - but I think this EIP should not be changed.

PS: resurrecting this EIP here: Polish & Resurrect EIP3091 by ligi · Pull Request #6491 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub - really hope we can move it to final soon

PPS: also currently creating a CAIP derived from this work: Add BlockExplorer-routes CAIP by ligi · Pull Request #200 · ChainAgnostic/CAIPs · GitHub