EIP-3085: wallet_addEthereumChain

This topic is for discussing EIP-3085. Discussion was originally located at this GitHub issue on the EIPs repository.

Discussion is expected to pick up again as 3085 moves to Review and then Last Call.

A draft PR is up for a related method, wallet_switchEthereumChain: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/3326

Instead of decimals, consider requiring a scaling factor instead. This would allow chains that have scaling factors other than base 10 to be supported. Ethereum would be 10^18 but other-chain may be 2^32.

Oh, interesting idea. Something like scalingFactor: string matching RegEx /[1-9]\d*\^[1-9]\d*/? Or maybe scalingFactor: [base: number, exponent: number] where the tuple members are positive integers?

Then we could make scalingFactor mutually exclusive with decimals.

Scaling factor can just be a QUANTITY (hex string encoded number). No need for anything fancy here I think.

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Ah, naturally. I’ll PR that in the morning :+1:

Watch an overview of the proposal with @rekmarks

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I am facing an issue while calling wallet_addEthereumChain.
I will appreciate it if you can help me to fix this issue.

method: ‘wallet_addEthereumChain’,
params: [{
“chainId”: “0x3”,
“chainName”: “Ropsten Network”,
“rpcUrls”: [
“iconUrls”: [
“nativeCurrency”: {
“name”: “ETHER Token”,
“symbol”: “ETH”,
“decimals”: 18

And this is the issue:

Thanks in advance.

Actually, I added blockExplorerUrls to the params. Sorry to forgot adding it to the code.
“blockExplorerUrls”: [

FYI, I confirmed that my Infura Project ID is working. This issue is definitely related to the “rpcUrls”.
When I change it to “https://dai.poa.network” with xDAI Chain, it perfectly worked.