EIP-3041: Add basefee to eth_getBlockByHash


EIP-1559 introduces a base fee per gas in protocol.
This value is maintained under consensus as a new field in the block header structure.
This change should be reflected in RPC methods that return block header information.


Just curious, what’s the rationale for a separate EIP per RPC (e.g. 3044,45,46 and this one)?

I believe @MicahZoltu suggested this approach.

Small EIPs go through the EIP process smoother as you don’t end up with contention on one piece blocking all of the others. Also, from a communication standpoint there are benefits to having each “thing” have its own number. A client may implement EIP-3044 but not implement EIP-3045 and being able to express that simply is valuable. If it was all one EIP, then you would have to say “I partially implement EIP-3044” and then go on to specify which parts you implement or which parts you don’t using words.