EIP-3030: BLS Remote Signer HTTP API Standard

Discussion thread for BLS Remote Signer HTTP API Standard

Simple Summary

This EIP defines a HTTP API standard for a BLS remote signer, consumed by validator clients to sign block proposals and attestations in the context of Ethereum 2.0 (eth2).


A validator client contributes to the consensus of the Eth2 blockchain by signing proposals and attestations of blocks, using a BLS private key which must be available to this client at all times.

The BLS remote signer API is designed to be consumed by validator clients, looking for a more secure avenue to store their BLS12-381 private key(s), enabling them to run in more permissive and scalable environments.


This is a useful proposal. But one thing that has to be considered is the latency that gets introduced during the process of remote signing, e.g., usually 200ms - 1000ms, which reduces the actual time that validator can spend on processing transactions/blocks. What are your thoughts here @hermanjunge?