This EIP reduces the complexity of SELFDESTRUCT by deferring the clearing of storage. Instead storage is cleared by a new opcode, EXTCLEAR.

I am interested to know whether or not the SELFDESTRUCT change would be easier to implement retroactively or not. I do not care either way; complexity is what matters.

Random question: could this be used to “cleanup” all the storage of a “not self destructed” smart contract.

Example: I want to repurpose a proxy to delegate to a new contract with incompatible memory layout, can I EXTCLEAR to remove the contract storage, keep the contract code, an just write the new delegation address (to an otherwize empty storage) ?

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No, this only allows cleanup of storage corresponding to accounts currently with codesize zero. This supports the non-proxy CREATE2 reincarnation upgrade pattern, and if your proxy was created with CREATE and not CREATE2 you would not be able to reincarnate it.

Could u clarify this sentence from the EIP:

"and just check if the contract was initiated since SSTORE ( 0x55 ) during SLOAD"