EIP-2929 in Berlin fork blessing or mistake?

I think EIP-2929 is going to affect many DeFi apps that were designed under the assumption that gas fees were set in stone.

This will make dapps that access lots of memory during a transaction impossible to implement.

Changing gas fees after the fact is a questionable practice in IMO. There are zillions of ways to innovate to make things fast without affecting the users.

This is especially true for SLOAD operation since it does not change the state.

One could think about progressively complex and efficient ways of caching that would improve things.

I think before adopting EIP-2929 Ethereum Foundation should explore issuing bounty to people that improve the current SLOAD implementation.


@kladkogex have you reviewed EIP-2930? It is meant as a mitigation for the breakage from 2929.

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gas fees will be set in stone when hardware and software can no longer be optimized. so any century now…

gas prices need to change with every hard fork until people understand how ethereum works

@kladkogex do you have any concrete examples of this? It has been considered bad practice for quite a while now to expect that gas fees are set in stone.