EIP 2566 - Human-Readable Parameters for Contract Function Execution

Hey all, hope everyone is staying safe out there! I had some ideas about human readable parameters for contract function execution. As a new user to Ethereum Magicians I am not able to post a topic with more than one link or image so I am linking to the EIP’s github issue for the full description.

Simple Summary

This EIP proposes a new Ethereum RPC method eth_sendTransactionToContract that accepts a human readable version of eth_sendTransaction's data field. This change will allow ProviderWallets (hybrid Ethereum provider / wallet software) like Metamask and Geth to display confirmation screens with human readable details of a function call to a contract.


When a dapp prompts a user to execute a smart contract function via a ProviderWallet, confirmation screens displayed in the ProviderWallet layer cannot display the human readable details of the function to be called and the arguments to be passed. This is because the Ethereum RPC method used for contract function execution (eth_sendTransaction) accepts information about what function to call in a non-human readable (and non-recoverable) format. As such, when a ProviderWallet receives this non-human readable information from a dapp, they are unable to display a human readable version since they never received one and cannot recover one from the data.

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