EIP-2025 : A proposal to Fund Eth1.x through 18 months of a 0.044ETH Developer Block Reward


I created an EIP

and submitted a PR for its inclusion in istanbul.

Issues can be filed here

as well as Feedback on this thread is appreciated.


Add 0.044 ETH per block for 18 months as a developer block reward reserved for funding Ethereum1.X development.

Currently, EIP 1890 is a proposal for a mechanism to capture Block Rewards for funding Development. That EIP has values and addresses set to zero. This proposal is to set those values to non-zero for 18 months focused on funding Ethereum 1.X working groups and organization efforts. The block reward will go towards paying back a loan with a small amount of interest to organizations in the Ethereum Community. After 18 months the block reward would again be set to zero

Funds would be managed by the Eth1.X Devs. They are currently developing a mechanism for this already.