EIP-2025 : A proposal to Fund Eth1.x through 18 months of a 0.044ETH Developer Block Reward

I created an EIP

and submitted a PR for its inclusion in istanbul.

Issues can be filed here

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Add 0.044 ETH per block for 18 months as a developer block reward reserved for funding Ethereum1.X development.

Currently, EIP 1890 is a proposal for a mechanism to capture Block Rewards for funding Development. That EIP has values and addresses set to zero. This proposal is to set those values to non-zero for 18 months focused on funding Ethereum 1.X working groups and organization efforts. The block reward will go towards paying back a loan with a small amount of interest to organizations in the Ethereum Community. After 18 months the block reward would again be set to zero

Funds would be managed by the Eth1.X Devs. They are currently developing a mechanism for this already.

I don’t believe this proposal provides a clear path for fair distribution of funds allocated to the 1.x developers, nor do I believe the developers, with vested interest in how the funds are allocated, should be the overseers of the management of the funds. This presents potential issues of accountability, and fair access to the pool of funds secured. Since I do not believe there is an inherently fair mechanism for distribution I do not believe a pooled fund collected intraprotocol is the right approach for funding 1.x development

Beyond that, there is the continued question of the burden imposed on other stakeholder groups for the sake of developers who stand to benefit most. Asking users and miners to essentially pay the cost of inflation (even temporarily) breaks multiple social contracts Ethereum has committed to. The most basic of which is “do not debase the currency.”

Further, the proposed numbers are not backed by particularly strong research in the total cost and need to fund 1.x in totality. As others have stated, funding is not the primary roadblock. We are asking users to a) effectively subsidize a loan with no guarantees of accountability or without key metrics to identify progress and effective use of funds, b) trust that the proposed figures will result in the completion of the overall effort without the risk of additional requests for added funding, c) trust that the governance surrounding fund allocation and disbursement will be effective, transparent, and not capturable by interested parties.