EIP-1985: Sane limits for certain EVM parameters


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Potentially however, certain contracts could fail at a different point after this change is introduced, and as a result would consume more or less gas than before while doing so.

Can you examplify? Because afaict, these changes (which I think I agree with) would have no practical consequence, so I’m curious what I’m missing.

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I think that may be a remnant of an older version where more parameters were limited. Perhaps what we could do is place a calculation of how big of a gas limit could potentially allow larger CALLDATASIZE, CODESIZE, etc. for it make any difference.

(4_294_967_295 + 1) * 4 = 17_179_869_184 gas could allow a larger than 32-bit calldata (32-bit + 1 to be exact) to be passed.

Hence the limits introduced have no practical effect on contract developers.


Clarified the pull request.


In 2016, EIP-106 proposed a similar limits for gas.