EIP-1872: Ethereum Network Upgrade Windows

Simple Summary:

A proposal to define a limited number of annual time windows in which network upgrades (aka hard forks) should be performed within. Policies for scheduling network upgrades outside these windows are also described.

View the full EIP - https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/1872

Note: The selection of the third weeks of January, April, July, and October are a starting point and I am not set on those being the dates. I am more interested in dates being defined.


Interesting! A regular “cadence” can be useful. Don’t think current levels of coordination could handle this many per year, but would force the whole system to get a bit tigher!

I think this is a good Berlin topic, where I definitely want to discuss ETH1x hardfork schedule.

We wouldn’t use every launch window. They just constrain when a launch could occur. Regular cadence would be 1-2 a year.

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