EIP-1202 Voting Interface Discussion Thread

Starting a discussion thread for EIP-1202. The original discussion occurs on ERC-1202 Voting Standard · Issue #1202 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub

A series of efforts were put forward to support general voting standard.

  1. EIP-5247 Proposal Interface and its discussion
  2. EIP-5732 Commit Interface and its discussion
  3. EIP-5453 Endorsement Interface and its discussion
  4. ERC-5805: Voting with delegation


  1. Get the right group of ppl, summarize state of art
  2. draft 1st version with 1 prototype
  3. run hackathon and grants for more implementations
  4. draft 2st version.

Key Questions

  1. What function name and parameter to “vote”
  2. What’s a proposal represented

Participation of discussion

Reference Projects

Please comment here if you like to collaborate: authoring, implementing reference implementations, adoptionz