EIP-1132 - Time-locking of tokens within a contract

My colleague at GovBlocks, Nitika, recently authored an EIP. Thought I’d share it here and get feedback from the community. For context, I’ve pasted the abstract below:

This proposal provides basic functionality to time-lock tokens within a contract for multiple utilities without the need of transferring tokens. It also allows fetching token balances of locked and unlocked tokens (tokens available for transfer).

Time-locking can also be achieved via staking (#900), but that requires transfer of tokens to an escrow contract/stake manager, resulting in the following five concerns:

  1. additional trust on escrow contract/stake manager
  2. additional approval process for token transfer
  3. increased ops costs due to gas requirements in transfers
  4. tough user experience as the user needs to claim the amount back from escrow
  5. inability for the user to track his true token balance / token activity

Link to the EIP - https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/1132

The issue has been merged into master :slight_smile: