E-star name for Consensus Layer upgrade after Deneb

Update July 14, 2023: Next CL upgrade named Electra on ACDC call 113

An E-star name is likely needed for the Consensus Layer upgrade after Deneb,
(e.g. Electra) upgrade could possibly be for the Verge + other features.

The consensus layer uses star names for upgrades whilst the execution layer uses Devcon cities.
See: Post-Merge Network Upgrade Naming Schemes

Upcoming upgrade names:

  • :owl: Shapella (Shanghai + Capella)
  • :blowfish: Dencun (Cancun + Deneb)

Making the next upgrade after that likely to be Prague + E star name.

@protolambda has already suggested Practra (Prague + Electra)

Electra would then be a great follow-up star name: Electra is a star in the Taurus constellation (bull after bear :wink: )

(Apologies if I am stepping on the process for selecting star upgrade names as I’m not a core dev)

E Star names

From: List of proper names of stars - Wikipedia


Poll is for signaling purposes only.

Preferred star name
  • Ebla
  • Edasich
  • Electra
  • Elgafar
  • Elkurud
  • Elnath
  • Eltanin
  • Emiw
  • Enif
  • Errai
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Pari suggested that the name for Eletra + Prague should be “Petra”, which sounds much nicer and pronounceable than Practra.


Enif + Prague could be Pranif

Although Electra sounds good in pronunciation, I voted for Enif because Electra complex was on page 1 when I googled Electra. :sweat_smile: It’s not the meme I’d want to play…

On the other hand, Enif: the brightest star in the northern constellation of Pegasus. :racehorse:꒰ঌ ໒꒱

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@timbeiko’s poll showed (some) community support for merged names (CL star + EL city)

@EvanVanNessEth suggests Errai

Next CL upgrade named Electra on ACDC call 113