Draft EIP: Abstract Token Standard

What if we could securely and freely mint tokens off-chain?

What if token holders could trustlessly migrate these tokens on-chain as desired?

What if token contracts included a built-in mechanism to move tokens between contracts or even between blockchains?

Abstract tokens define a simple, standard way to:

  • Mint tokens off-chain as messages
  • Reify tokens on-chain via smart contract
  • Dereify tokens back into signed messages

Abstract tokens are free to mint off-chain but preserve on-chain composability. They are compatible with existing standards like ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155, and are designed for high-volume use cases such as:

  • airdrops
  • POAPs / receipts
  • identity / access credentials

Please check out the EIP or Medium post. to see more. Feedback is welcome!


Sounds very promising! When will we be able to see all this in practice?