Documentations or guidance on selecting an ERC number

Hello, just posting on behalf of the NFA team. We were wondering if there is more documentation or guidance on picking the ERC number. We read EIP-1 and it says it’s picked by us but wanted to see if there is specific rules we should follow on the number.

EIP/ERC editors assign the EIP/ERC number. Generally it is the (first) PR number.
Number gaming (e.g. creating issues/PRs to increase the number) will likely result in a different number being assigned.

From: EIP-1:

Once the EIP is ready for the repository, the EIP editor will:

  • Assign an EIP number (generally the PR number, but the decision is with the editors)

I wish this was cleaner. We’re on 6 thousand something now and there are actually less than 600 EIPs. From my team we’ve proposed 5 EIPs and it would be much easier to remember (and maybe even consecutive) if they weren’t 4 digits each.
It’s small annoyance, but annoyance nevertheless.

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There have been discussions previously of selling unused EIP numbers.

In my opinion, only a few EIP/ERC #s have strong name recognition: ERC20, ERC721, EIP1559, EIP4844, some of which are 4 digit #s.

Every proposal needs a number but not all of them reach Final status.
We use a common repo to promote EIPs and this has to be done via Pull Request.
Allocating a different number to an EIP after getting merged to maintain the consecutive order is a bit complicated if looked at for maintenance purposes.
I suppose it’s a process decision made at the time which turned out to be working well so far.

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