Discussion: Do We Need an EIP for Basic Interface of Multi-Signature Wallet Contract Accounts?

Recently, many wallet projects are preparing to be built on ERC-4337, but many of them seem to be developing their own independent multi-signature wallet contract accounts. There is no common standard for multi-signature wallet contract accounts, which may bring a series of issues such as interoperability, and may affect the large-scale adoption of ERC-4337.
So, do we need an EIP for the basic interface of multi-signature wallet contract accounts? If so, what basic interfaces do we need? We hope more people, especially developers involved in abstract account-related work, can join the discussion.


Personally, I think we need it. I am doing some research on extending Token standards, and to be compatible with EIP-4337, it requires EIP-1271. However, that alone is not enough. It also needs the following basic interfaces provided by multi-signature wallet contracts:

1.Query the threshold of signers.
2.Query whether a certain address is a valid signer.

You can see my thinking about problems on AA, we are still working on it: aa-research/EIP.md at main · accountjs/aa-research · GitHub