Discussion: A token standard for Authentication/Authorization

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I wanted to bring up a discussion on proposing a standard for a token with properties specific to use as a tool for authentication/authorization, because in my opinion, this could be key to integrating web3 into the greater internet further.

There are benefits to the use of on-chain assets for auth, namely streamlining the onboarding process for access permissions by associating a wallet with those permissions. Companies/organizations could benefit from a faster, reliable process to hand out permissions through company wallets, which would likely see more use as web3 protocols develop further and offer more productivity value.

An issue I see with trying to implement something like this is the nature of our current ERC token standards, they are simply not made for this type of functionality. ERC20/721/1155 etc. do not have the features necessary to implement this well, for example, I think its pretty clear a company wouldn’t want its employees to be able to trade permissions online.

Let me know what you think on the usefulness of a standard like this, because I see many possible applications for web3 auth tokens that could have a lasting impact on software.

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Think of an (a) open source service token and an (b) ISP wallet, authority.

I think upgradeContract permissionToken permission balance is useful for an RLP NodeList Open Source Authority for (A) programmatic minting (“gateway”…) or (B) wallet recovery and generation. The custody differs for the service, like Digital Ocean, who does provision (a) deployment logs for their buildpack apps (i.e. ex-droplet). Phone Authentication, the app developer, and the Identity Provider can (b) begin the chain track implementation, or recover any publicId balances (using a dashboard like Firebase/Identity Platform, and setting allowed domains), not mint.

This recoverable open source layer I want to use in front of USDC tbills or even better, capital currency stock; I’m not sure why ACH reconciliation and card issuers won’t allow nonfinancial banks unless we use blockchain (i.e. Mastercard, potentially non-U.S.), but the Ummah can only take introspectively equal and full measure, as ability makes need and takes from market, and I agree bond-purchases are stolen from an in balanced market towards the right to ownership. So here is either a coincidental or compelled use case need, but I’m not forfeiting my desire to use ACH even without Ethereum in this statement; this use case is important - as we likely all know - for wallet custody recovery, generally.