[Devconnect 2022] Layer 1 R&D Workshop Resources


At Devconnect 2022 Amsterdam, the Ethereum Foundation organized a two-day layer 1 R&D workshop to discuss the most important topics of layer 1. Here is the slides and videos resource!


Day 1 (April 18th)


Topic Speaker Slides Video
Workshop Kickoff & Structure Overview Tim Beiko (EF) Slides
EIP-4844: Shard Blob Transactions Diederik Loerakker aka Protolambda (Optimism) Slides YouTube
KZG commitments for devs Ben Edgington (ConsenSys, Teku) Slides YouTube
Danksharding Dankrad Feist (EF) Slides YouTube
EVM Object Format (EOF) Alex Beregszaszi (EF) Slides YouTube
SELFDESTRUCT Removal Jared Wasinger (EF) YouTube
L2 Resource Pricing Ed Felten (Arbitrum / Offchain Labs) Slides YouTube
Future of Accounts lightclient (ConsenSys / EF) Slides YouTube
Day 1 Recap YouTube

Day 2 (April 19th)

Topic Speaker Slides Video
Stateless Ethereum Guillaume Ballet (EF) Slides YouTube
Ethereum Data Models - Featuring Verkle Tree and Sync Andrew Ashikhmin (Erigon) Slides YouTube
History Expiry Alex Stokes (EF) Slides YouTube
Portal Network Piper Merriam (EF) Slides YouTube
Proposer Builder Separation Barnabé Monnot (EF) Slides YouTube
Single Slot Finality Vitalik Buterin (EF) Slides YouTube
Day 2 Recap YouTube

Enjoy it!