Dencun Hardfork Meta

Discussion thread for Dencun Hardfork Meta by timbeiko · Pull Request #8006 · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub


My 2 cents on the proposal:

  • Historically, we have added the last upgrade Meta in the “Requires” section along with EIPs to be deployed in the current upgrade.

    I’d suggest including EIP-7568 which is currently in a PR. Also, promoting EIP-7568 to reach the Final status sooner.

  • Update “EIP description” to “EIPs included in the Deneb-Cancun Ethereum network upgrade” to make it look Deneb and Cancun inclusive and not optional like “Constantinople/St. Petersburg”.

    It’s a weak preference, but I suppose since this is the first Meta EIP to include a two-layer upgrade, it will create a good practice in writing descriptions.

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