Decision-making In Rings and WGs

I saw two articles relating to decision-making in flat and/or decentralized organizations and thought I’d share them here. Are there others?

"How do you make good decisions in a flat organization"
by Roman Imankulov at Doist

Discusses the rough consensus framework from the IETF, types of objections including “fundamental flaws”, the art of asking for input, and asking “can you live with this decision?” (as opposed to “what do you think?”).

"Decision Disagreement Framework"
by Brett Hellman at Matter

And a spreadsheet template:


This isn’t quite the same kind of resource, but I really like a lot of the techniques laid out in the book Leading Great Meetings. It’s less about the cases where you are explicitly dealing with disagreement and more about how to set up process and conditions that reduce the likelihood of conflict.

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