Data Ring Topic: Real World Data / Oracles

There was a discussion about how certain ‘real-world’ data enters the system, that is Oracles.

  1. Is there a way to express ‘trust relationships’?
  2. What types of real-world data would be nice to have on chain? (price feeds, ABIs, token information)
  3. Should we separate oracle-related topics into a different ring?

Action Item: @Alex will post links to materials which explain Oracles in the eth magicians discussion.

My take:

I think it might be a good idea to separate out the discussion of ‘data in’ to the chain from ‘data out.’ I think these two issues might have separate audiences, so separating might be beneficial. I haven’t thought about it a lot, but it feels like the issues/solutions for ‘data in’ vs. ‘data out’ may be quite different as well.


Oracles and data from external sources should be a separate side Ring IMO.

Still, I would imagine that certain Oracle data is on-chain and needs to be verified, processed, and queried by dapps. In this regard, Oracle devs have the same concerns as any other dapp dev.

I did notice that there was an Oracles Ring in the HackMD document, so anyone interested in Oracles can attend that ring. Perhaps the issue is already sorted.

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