Crypto Adoption: UX Research

I’m getting more and more into research & experimentation into bringing about mass adoption for crypto. I’ve started a site (ugly - please don’t judge me by the wordpress :slight_smile: ) to see if I can find any interested partners.

I don’t want to accept the “common wisdom” that no one wants to spend crypto. I believe they haven’t met the right motivation to do so.


Hey Clay – promotion of particular projects is discouraged in this forum. You’re totally welcome to click on Nik’s profile and PM (private message) him (or anyone else).

Here’s a link to my profile if you’d like to PM and discuss further:

@Nik, really glad that you are looking into UXR for crypto adoption. I was just in a conversation the other day with an engineer lead who did not fully understand or appreciate the difficulties of new users to crypto.

A key question is: what are the basic needs of users of smart contracts and dapps? What properties of public blockchains are attractive to them (hopefully not just the rising asset prices)? How can the first-time user’s experience be made better while preserving those sought-after properties?

Hi @jpitts
As an old UXER (first) and techno enthusiast after… I turn that question around sorta…

What emotions, motivation & drives can I create a something fun and/or useful around?
What tech (or skills my company has) can I use to do the above?

Those who don’t know a new tech don’t have ANY basic needs/wants/ etc pertaining to them. They have lived their whole lives perfectly well without. :slight_smile: It’s up to us to figure out what might be cool.

Also - I’d drop “hose sought-after properties” entirely. I know a lot of blockchain / crypto people hate me for it - but 99.[9 to 18 decimal places]% of non-crypto geeks people don’t give a hoot about the cool stuff we see - and probably are scared of it if they knew. If we want their attention, money, eyeball & brain time… the only relevant UX question is about their emotions. :slight_smile:

I wrote a recap from my research for 0xProject:

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