Council of Prague: Final Update

Council of Prague: Update 3 - Final Email to Participants

This was sent to all registered email addresses in the Picatic

These are the final details for the Council of Prague event, co-located with the Status Hackathon.

How to get here:
National House Smichov - náměstí 14. října 82/16, 150 00 Praha-Smíchov - Blue big building facing the park - you can’t miss it.

Very Important: We are full – the venue has a max occupancy, which we will hit if everyone attends.

As we are at capacity, we will only be registering people at these times & dates:

  • early check in on Sunday, Oct 28th, from 11:30am - 12:30pm
  • check in on Monday, Oct 29th, from 9am to 10:30pm

Please be on time, otherwise we will not be able to get you in. We need to be strict with this, as the event has scaled and we’d like to include everyone. Don’t forget to bring your own reusable water bottle - let’s also try to reduce disposable plastic :slight_smile:

Agenda & Sessions

The main council day starts at 9am sharp, and will go until 7pm.

Find the agenda on the EthMagicians Scrolls Wiki, with a link to the Session scheduling on Google Sheets. There will be sessions for everyone at the beginning and end of the day, with three Session slots dedicated to Rings & Breakout Topics.

Help us schedule the sessions by telling us what topics are most interesting for you.


The Call for Rings has extended details on the Rings, please feel free to add additional topics. Your Ring Makers will be facilitating sessions – but we are all participants. Volunteer as a scribe to capture discussions, take your own notes, keep track of action items, ask your questions, and move things forward.

We are meeting to get work done around collaboration, the creation of high quality standards, interoperability, and Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). Meeting in person helps us get to know people so we can continue our work online and around the world.

If you haven’t already, join us in the Ethereum Magicians Discourse forum where all the notes and follow ups will be posted.

You can also join the chat channels:

Riot link: Element

EthMagicians Gitter: ethereum-magicians/Lobby - Gitter


  1. What are rings?
    Rings are discussion groups around a particular topic. The Fellowship has been using this format since our Berlin Council. Rings are encouraged to continue the discussions and work on standards after each council. We would like to see these rings grow in a self-organized manner.

  2. Should I be ready to speak or can I just be a silent spectator?
    You be you. If you feel confident to speak about something that’s concerning you in the space - raise your voice and join the discussions, this is an open initiative. We are also happy to respect more introspective people and observers.

  3. What if I don’t want to be photographed or in the livestream?
    Unfortunately, we don’t have much room so we’ll all need to be a bit flexible on this. However, there will be only one livestream so you will have to make the choice whether to opt-out by staying in another room.

  4. Is there food there?
    Yes of course - we will be serving breakfast and lunch.

  5. Can I bring a +1?
    Please don’t - we are at capacity.

  6. I’d like to propose a Ring or a new topic, can I?
    Yes! We will have additional room in the schedule for people to self-organize and meeting together. Please DO help out by adding your topic to the Call for Rings. It is up to you to talk to other participants and gather interest.

  7. Can I pitch a project (presentations)?
    If the project is helpful for the growth of Ethereum, please do. Other project promotion for marketing purposes will not be possible.

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Of interest to Magicians in Prague:

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