Council of Prague Data Ring: Notes from Session 1

Hi all, we just had a great data ring session. Jay was the ringmaker and I took notes. Adrian also recorded action items. We are planning on meeting again later this afternoon.

Here’s a link to the notes. Apologies to anyone whose name I missed. Adrian will post the action items and Jay will post a photo from the whiteboard.


Hey @wildmolasses can you give us update on the 2nd ring time & location. thank you very much.

  • Josh

Boris says we can meet in the ‘lounge’ (that is, the place where the food is near the back of the hall. We can re-convene there during the next session or perhaps a bit later. I did want to attend the ‘signaling’ group, so maybe I’ll be a bit late. Please go ahead and come together without me. We could also meet times later this week during DevCon if anyone is interested in that.

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I wrote some of this stuff a few months ago describing possible ideas for future EIPs and possible some standard test cases related to block explorers. I’ll repost it here:

FYI - moved this to the Data Ring and added some tags.


Great. lets work on merging these 10-15 items into 4-5 categories. so we can focus on same goals.

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Thanks for posting these notes @wildmolasses!

This is the blog post I was talking about at the session,