Council of Prague Agenda Topics


There is nothing on the 30th - although you can of course self organize.

I will put 15 into the last slot.


Boris, what is the timing for the last slot of 29th?


3:30pm to 5pm, and then ring wrap up & closing from 5pm to 7pm.


Hi all, with Council approaching, what is the best way to start gearing up?

Among others I still have a major interest in the Wallet/UX ring. Should we pre-Council collect ideas around in the forms like ?

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Hi Benjamin!

Yes! We’ll send a final email out tomorrow to all participants with links. And yes — the individual rings and more details is where you should put notes on anything you are interested in.

The timing / agenda will also go up tomorrow to show what rings will happen when.


This template is there for this purpose! @benjaminbollen