[Council of Paris] Thank you to volunteers & sponsors

Thank you to the Council of Paris volunteers, lead organizer @tomislavmamic, and all our participants taking time to meet and improve Ethereum together.

ECF - Sustaining Sponsor

From last year, the Ethereum Community Fund donated $15K worth of Ether as a Sustaining Sponsor for Prague, the Paris 2019 Council, and the next event (yet to be planned!).

Asseth / ETHCC - Venue Sponsor

The Asseth / ETHCC team lead by @jdetychey were the ones that first lobbied to celebrate the EthMagicians 1 year anniversary in Paris. They extended the booking of CNAM and took care of catering and in general were fantastically supportive hosts.

Santiment - Supporting Sponsor

Santiment sponsored the Berlin 2018 livestream & video capture. They return to support Paris as a supporting sponsor.

A bit about Santiment:

The Santiment platform gives users a 360° overview of the crypto market and its biggest driving forces. Their custom metrics, real-time signals and market insights are built on terabytes of on-chain, social and developmental data for 1000+ of the biggest crypto projects. Try their growing suite of crypto tools on https://app.santiment.net

Orchid - Community Sponsor

The Orchid team has joined as a community sponsor. Thanks to Tegan for jumping into the volunteer channel. Looking forward to the volunteers dinner!

A bit about Orchid:

Orchid is a set of open source tools and cryptographic protocols developed and run by people who want the Internet to extend our natural human freedom, not curtail it. Our initial implementation is an open marketplace for bandwidth built on Ethereum and a VPN client for all major operating systems.

They’ve got a brand new website they’re excited for everyone to check out: https://orchid.com

Fluence Labs - Livestream Sponsor

Fluence brought a team to livestream Prague, and are once again joining us in Paris.

It’s been great to have @Anna get directly involved as a volunteer organizer and on-site support for both Prague and Paris.

A bit about Fluence:

Fluence Labs was created to build a decentralized network technology. We believe that decentralized data storage is a crucial part of the tomorrow’s web and will benefit the humanity by providing a new level of privacy, control, and security.

The Council organizing is all volunteer. Funds donated go to cover food, venue, video coverage, and other event expenses. The intent is to run the events as low-cost and participatory.

For Paris, we decided to ask participants to pay for tickets directly with Ether. This is meant to cover base catering costs: you’re paying for your own coffee & lunch.

One of the key phrases is “All are welcome” – we ask for registration (and this time, payment) to help with planning, but no one is turned away.

We calculated for Prague that the volunteer organizers spent close to $20KUSD just in travel expenses, never mind the hours put in organizing the event for months ahead of time. Hopefully we can continue to have energetic volunteers who can commit their time & their travel.

It’s also been great to see people looking to connect with EthMagicians at events everywhere. Gathering around topics of interest, having an open dialogue, and reporting back with notes and next steps is something that can happen anywhere. Having people experience the unconference and then want to pass on the tradition is a great sign.

It will be interesting to see how all this evolves. Will there be two more Councils this year? Or will there be half a dozen more ad hoc shoulder events or meetups?

Get involved, come to the Meta Magicians ring in Paris, or leave a comment if you want to step up.

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