Council of Paris 2019: Shared Accommodation

Hi everyone!

A crypto week in Paris is upon us and we’re probably all looking for accommodation and want to stay on budget. That’s why I wanted to reach out to all of you and see who’d be interested to book an Airbnb, share the house and split the bill?

Just give me a ping here to be considered during the shared house initiative :wink:

cc/ @tomislavmamic

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Hi! Are you going from Zagreb? Did you already book accommodation?

Yes, I’m flying in from Zagreb. Why do you ask? Are you also coming from Zagreb?

Some of us here already booked a Hostel St Christopher's Inn Canal, Paris - 2021 Prices & Reviews - Hostelworld

Check the 12 Bed Mixed Dorm and see if there are any spots left, we’ll be in the same room :wink:

I am flying from ZG on March 4th. Whats up with this shared accommodation proposal? I’ve talked to Tomislav (sa imenjakom mojim:)) on Telegram. Maybe we’ll have few more people flying from Zagreb.

No one replied back then so we booked this stay.
I’m flying in on March 2nd.

OK. I’ll check AirBnB first, usually I stay next to Pompidou, but this hostel also looks nice.

Cao Marko. Bukirao sam st christopher - vidimo se tamo. Pozdrav.

Great! I’m already there, see you soon :wink:

Ej, jeste u hostelu? Koji ti je telegram nick?