Council of Osaka Date and place? - Look for "Ethereum Roadmap 2020"

If the schedule/content is the limiting factor, I’m happy to help there. A few things I can think of are:

  • Whatever comes out of the Berlin Blockchain Week
  • Core Devs / 1.x initiatives
  • EEA
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FYI, if more help is needed, my friend Mayato Hattori suggested we fill out this form.

@JosefJ this would be wonderful to be hosted at the main venue on Day 0!

@anettrolikova and I will organize a registration / call for topics and estimate how many can participate on that day.

I am fairly certain that there will be considerable enthusiasm for this, and the discussions would likely last several hours.


Hi, It would be great to write down a proposal, so we can run it through programming (to make sure the space is kept available & registrations are aware of Magicians sneaking in for the day zero).

@Jamie is that something you’ll take a lead on? (Or perhaps @timbeiko or @anettrolikova)

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I can bring this up on the next Cat Herders call this week to see if anyone wants to take it on. I don’t think I have the bandwidth to do it, but someone else might.


@JosefJ, let’s assume myself and @anettrolikova for now. At some point there will be a person specifically responsible for this day at the Devcon venue, but we can look after it initially. We are meeting about this today, perhaps we can connect if you have time.

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Hey @Amxx @timbeiko and others who’s willing to go to Osaka.
We (me x @wildmolasses) are looking for a space for Magicians where we could accommodate all Magicians together and make it more affordable and have a meeting space over there so Magicians can have ring meetings.
We will (most likely) have Council on day 0 - Oct 7 and we should have Magicians tickets for day 0 for Council.

Who’s would like to join this plan? :sparkles:

Recommend for people who doesn’t have accommodation in Osaka yet but open to everybody! :slight_smile:
We just need to know if we should look for something for approximately 20 people or more.

Thanks again @anettrolikova for your dedication to this community.

I will be in Osaka and I would love to be part of some rings. I have so much to discuss! I’m really sad that Oct 7 is also the date of the planned ENS workshop. Maybe we could merge the 2 events (just like Berlin’s concil was at the meta cartel demo day) ???

@makoto would you be open to the idea ?
I’m don’t feel comfortable helping with the fininding a place/reserving, but if I can help doing some polls to see who would attend, what topic they want to discuss I could do that.

For tickets we could use NFTs like what the metacartel did, maybe POAP could be used for that (POAP crowdsale → must have the token on the POAP app to enter the event) ???

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For sure :slight_smile: no prob :v:

Also I’d like to start organise things more intensively.
I saw you guys that you would like to help with organising : @wildmolasses @manhuichi @moontysal @nrryyuya @Amxx
What about connecting together via Telegram Group and have a call by the end of this week / begging of next week ? :slight_smile:

@Amxx thanks for joining our ENS mini ring in Berlin !

I already booked a room for ENS workshop very close from the venue (maybe 5~10 min walk) but can suggest the venue change to our team if we can have a room for the whole day.

Are people willing to have a Council on day 0 of Devcon5 or around Devcon5? ( ie before or after Devcon5)
I’m more than happy to help organise Council but people need to attend :slight_smile: We have big plans for it, there are so many ways how to do it but we just need people to attend and discuss about EIPs ProgPoW and other big topics.

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After Oct 7 was spontaneously proposed I made trips arrangement to make sure I’d be in Osaka on that day … which was the whole point of this thread.
If there is a good reason to change the date I will not fight it. Still, I’m convinced the best thing to do would be to find a venue large enough to host both the council and the ENS workshop on October 7.

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We are planning to have Council on Oct 7th :slight_smile:

Hi, @Amxx
I am currently leaning towards sticking to our own venue just to avoid uncertainty. Many orgs want to have their meetings at Devcon venue and I am afraid the scenario that they run out of space after we decide to ditch the space we already booked a month ahead. Also I am afraid that the Devcon venue will be noisy as they are prepping for the event.

Having said that, our venue is right next to the Devcon venue so you could participate part of it (probably 10 min walk if you don’t get lost). We are currently planning to have unconf style just like Magicians, but if you can coordinate with other ENS workshop participants to propose a certain topic (I assume you want to talk about inter wallet standard such as ENS login), then I can propose ENS team to secure the discussion time of the specific topic at pre-determined time. (NOTE this proposal depends on our venue capacity. If we are over capacity, we prioritise people who can commit to our event for the whole day).

Hi @Amxx @timbeiko @makoto @moontysal @nrryuya @jpitts and @everyone who’s willing to help.
I would like to get things moving and host a call probably this Friday or in the beginning of next week - probably Tuesday may fit the best.

Please sign up for the call to HackMD

There’s agenda included, I will post Hangouts link for a call soon to this HackMD doc

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:rotating_light:Coordination call for Magicians activities during Devcon in 5 hours :rotating_light:
Hangouts link
Agenda & participants - HackMD

Notes from yesterday’s call - HackMD
Feel free to add more notes if you guys have any @Amxx @timbeiko @jpitts @dominic
Thanks again for a great call guys :slight_smile:

Ok, so a date and place is emerging!

Date: Tuesday October 8th, 2019, from 9am-5pm
Location: “Where most of us will probably be on Day 1 of Devcon 5”
Major Themes: Ethereum in the Enterprise, Ethereum 1, Ethereum 2

The community has use of a large space at (or near) Devcon itself. I still can’t fully specify, LOL.

With this space, we can facilitate some very interesting discussions about the protocol and development roadmaps. Note that we cannot call it a Council if it is at an event with a high ticket price, but we can still organize something great.

We will need help to physically prepare the space and coordinate with the Devcon team, and of course the venue management. We need to be able to communicate what we need for facilitating discussions. This is where @nrryuya, @moontysal, and @wildmolasses can really help us.

This is a layout I would like to have, but we may need to settle for something more conventional.

We put up a schedule for Devcon Community Room, please share your thoughts, what would be cool to present from 9am till 10pm.

I’m open to host another call for people who would like to present or fill out the time in a meaningful way.
Share your thoughts :pray:

The organizers of Devcon5 have posted the Agenda, and the Magicians will gather at Devcon! Check it out:

The sessions we are organizing are on Day 1, labeled with “Ethereum Roadmap 2020”. Magicians will organize open, facilitated discussions with stakeholders in the community.

Later in the day, we will break up into working groups.

Here is the schedule:

9:00am Hello and Welcome
10:00am Enterprise Ethereum
11:30am Open Mic
1:00pm Eth1 and Eth1.x
2:00pm Eth1-Eth2 Transition
2:45pm Eth2
3:30pm Working Groups

Please begin thinking about what topics you may want to bring up!