Council of Berlin Wrap Up & Request for Feedback

This was sent out by email to all those that registered, and this will be the last email to that list. It is also available on the forum. Hit reply to contact the organizers directly.

Thank you to all of the participants who came out and spent their weekend convening at the first Summer session of the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.

Agenda with Notes & Videos

The new Scrolls wiki has a reconstructed Agenda which includes links to videos and discussion forum threads.

Please feel free to edit with additional items there, especially if you have your own long form notes or blog posts.

All the videos are uploaded to the EthMagicians Channel – Viewly is an Ethereum powered video service whose team members attended & granted us some tokens to try it out. There is some more work to be done in labeling & saving videos & photos.

Sponsors & Donations

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donators who helped support the event. The Magi are a self-organizing volunteer group and aim to make participation open to all.

Host organization Web3 Foundation, including sponsorship of breakfast and lunch on both days.

Web3 is organizing their first Web3 Summit Oct 22 - 24th in Berlin. From their announcement blog post:

For three days in October, we invite devs and researchers working on lower level protocols to join us in Berlin for an immersive and collaborative gathering focusing on the Web3 Tech Stack. These are the foundational technologies and protocols required to build the mainstream decentralized applications of the future:

Video crew & streaming sponsor Santiment, who covered the three person crew on both days.

Santiment is inviting data scientists, crypto-traders and investors to use its platform to draw meaningful insights into digital asset markets - open APIs will allow users to plug straight into the big data analytics platform.

If you are interested in working with Santiment’s closed beta or dataset, visit

Community sponsors (who donated at least 1 ETH) include Giveth, Livepeer, OST, and Golem. Thank you to everyone that donated as individuals as well.


Thank you to @jpitts and @gcolvin for convening us. Thank you to @boris as lead organizer for the Council of Berlin. Thank you to @danibelle for volunteer organizing remotely. Thank you to @ligi for being our connection in to c-base AND for kickstarting Scrolls and Rings.

Thanks to everyone for participating and being great about adding notes.


Leave public comments in the forum post, and also please fill out the feedback form.

We do have some general retrospective notes on the wiki, and will work on putting together an events playbook.

(and as above, if you do an external blog post or tweetstorm with feedback, add it to the Agenda wiki, please!)

Next Steps

We’re forming Rings, we’re updating Scrolls, and the next Council will likely be the two days before Devcon4 in Prague.

With Rings (and Ring Bearers??? the memes keep coming!) in place, we should be able to prep longer working sessions split up by Ring. We’ll start an agenda grid on the wiki and look at space availability.

If you filled out the feedback form and agreed to be contacted, we’ll email you with more details about the Council of Prague, when there are more details. Or volunteer to help organize!

What You Can Do To Help

  • Get involved. The Forum is our home base, the Gitter lobby is for chat, and the Scrolls GitHub repo has the wiki and issues.
  • Post to the Forum about EIPs which you think are important, or are related to your developnent work. Contribute to discussions, and help move the work forward.
  • We need champions for the following projects:
    • Council planning playbook
    • Ring formation playbook
    • Ethereum improvement EIP playbook
  • Volunteer to help out at the next Council!

The work continues. All are welcome.