Council in Paris EthCC 2021

As Ethereum Magicians Ops Team, We are curious if there is interest in throwing another Council or gathering at EthCC this year. As you may know, the EthCC Conference is our tradition where the first Ethereum Magicians in person Council was hosted. I think it would be nice to get the Magicians OG’s and host a Council, discussion about Ethereum, EIPs…

Due to the COVID situation being all over the place, I’m wondering how many of the Magicians, and the OG Magicians are planning to go to Paris this year, if so, are you interested to attend the Council ?

We are happy to organise Council if there will be enough interest to attend the gathering.

Tagging a couple of OGs
@gcolvin @jpitts @5chdn @owocki @Ethernian @tvanepps @mariapaulafn @boris @tomislavmamic @makoto @pet3rpan

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I’m a speaker, and I live in France, so there is no reason for me not to be here!

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I plan to be at EthCC.

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I will be there :slight_smile:
I would love to attend a council meeting, as a newb I expect proper hazing ritual, please.

love u guise

I don’t think that I can go at this point, originally I had wanted to. Given that many will not be attending, I hope that we can coordinate having more online interaction with what happens on the ground at EthCC.

@Amxx, would you be willing to apply ASAP for a Magicians-related “workshop” at EthCC in order to reserve a space where folks can come together for a Council?

@anettrolikova and I can help find others to do the operational work e.g. setting up a laptop to ensure that online participants’ questions / comments are seen on the big-screen.


The window is closed to apply for a talk or workshop, so if there is no application submitted I would propose that we go all-virtual for substantive discussions.

We can also help organize / schedule a time to informally meet. In 2018 there was an impromptu discussion in the courtyard (on the steps) and it was very memorable.

I asked organisers if we could get a slot and call in to a conference, get a volunteer to setup a laptop with call. Otherwise we can use Gather or Pluto and go full online either during or after EthCC.

As @boris suggested on Twitter to host discussion around “RunEVM especially with so many chains / L2s / compatibility zones”.

I’m happy to coordinate the event itself but due to health reason I have to skip my physical presence.

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I would propose Gather; it is fun, facilitates discussions, and enables more random social interactions. Still let’s make sure it is the best option.

Here is a demo environment, this is using the “Open Mic Cafe” template which seems most appropriate, and the free version allows 25 simultaneous users. Check it out!

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Totally game to be there!

Hey, we are going to organise full day event during EthCC in Paris for those who did not get tickets to the main event.

We are organising this event on 21st July and putting agenda up!

This event will be focused on developers, standards and inviting Magicians who did not get slot at EthCC.

Let me know if you are interested to speak! @matt & who ever else

We will be hosting two tracks

I could probably speak about something

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