Controlling what you see, what you get notified by with Discourse categories and tag notification settings

There are a ton of different ways to view the forums, which are specific to the person logged in. The default view is “latest” – so whatever topic has last been posted to will show up, which perhaps looks cluttered to you :slight_smile:

You can also view by categories: Categories - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

Also, per category, you can choose whether or not it shows up for you in Latest. The circle in the top right hand corner defaults to “Normal” I believe. You can mute it, get an email for every single new topic and new reply and various things in between.

Now that we have tags, the same can be applied to tags. So maybe you want to follow #browserextension everywhere, regardless of category, you can set your notification settings for that tag alone.

If anyone else has tips, screenshots, or other ideas on how to tune your Discourse forum experience, please share!

For me, there are a lot of topics on here that I’m not interested in / qualified to participate in. I like seeing the latest stuff so that I can at least see the titles of everything, but I rely on the notification menu on my profile icon to actually keep me updated on changes in threads I am interested in. I don’t like relying on tags to filter what I may or may not want to see because they are historically unreliable.

Just documenting it for people who are new to Discourse. It puts most of the control in user hands in a very good way.

I also forgot to mention that many of the items I mention have RSS feeds which may work better for some people than email notifications.

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