Container Secured NFTs & Consent Revocation

Hello everyone! This is my first contribution here and looking for serious assistance.

I’m the founder of the non-profit Data Freedom Foundation. Our mission is to both create and pervasively deploy Consent Technologies that enable individuals to control the uses of their data and media by others after it’s been transferred/shared. We recognize these same consent revocation capabilities may also imbue NFTs with transient usage/licensing capabilities.

We’re solving the problem John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the EFF and Grateful Dead Author, first discussed in his seminal work The Economy of Ideas regarding the endless and zero-cost reproducibility of digital assets, or what he calls “works of the mind”. Barlow asks and never quite resolves the following problem regarding digital assets:

"If our digital property can be infinitely reproduced and instantaneously distributed all over the planet without cost, without our knowledge, without its even leaving our possession, how can we protect it? How are we going to get paid for the work we do with our minds? And, if we can’t get paid, what will assure the continued creation and distribution of such work?”

Our team at the Data Freedom Foundation has solved this problem by securing data and media inside data containers (SQLite, RIFF and other generic container types) and using Smart Data Contracts that define the variables that control a menu of diverse and privacy-preserving data interactions.

We’re now exploring how to connect our Smart Data Contract controlled Data Container ideas to Ethereum to provide the state engine for multi-party container interactions and the audit log for data container provenance. But we need your help… our mission is to build pervasive consent technologies and we’re now designing a Layer 2 Protocol Platform (Smart Data Protocol) for pervasive consent and digital rights management.

Here are a few questions for the community:

  1. What kind of proposal type should we use ERC or EIP?
  2. What related proposals should we study?
  3. What existing proposals might our proposal require?
  4. How best can we use this forum to build a community and consensus on how best to leverage Ethereum to build pervasive consent technology for the world?
  5. Does anyone want to help us with this effort?

With Gratitude,
Alan Rodriguez
Founder - Data Freedom Foundation

  1. It must be EIP as it is an improvement proposal and probably also ERC as it belongs to that category, because I understand that you intend to create a new standard, here is more information about the types of EIPs.

  2. I myself am currently working on a proposal that consists of dividing an NFT into public and private parts over IPFS, I think it may be similar to what you are looking for, if you are interested you can ask me.

  3. What you propose sounds interesting, I am willing to collaborate, I would like to delve into the operation of data containers.


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