Constrained Resource Clients: Next Ring Meeting

Hi Guys,

it has been some time since the last quarterly update on constrained resource clients. It would be great to get together again and check on progress and discuss the different topics. In this Augusts ETHBerlin there might be a venue to do that in person. I’ll be there on 24th and 25th. Let me know if anyone of you is there.



you guys can gather together during hacking on ETH Berlin Zwei
@ChainSafe @tvanepps @rossbulat @shazow @zsfelfoldi any thoughts on this ? :slight_smile:

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Good call, we should definitely get another update thread.

I won’t be at ETHBerlin alas. I might be at DevCon though!

If you do hold a meeting, would you be up for taking notes and sharing it here?

If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll setup a fresh update thread on September 3rd or so.

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I would b happy to take notes. Let’s see whom we can find to join. I think got an office in Berlin, so @CJentzsch might join?

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We will be organising Council around Devcon 5 too :slight_smile:
Yes, we will be taking notes and share therem :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggesting anettrolikova, I will be around Osaka for Dev Con 5, although I will not be in Berlin. I am not sure how I can contribute here.


also won’t make it to the Berlin council (too bad as I usually live there - but it collides with chaos communication camp) - but hope to make it to the osaka council.


Unfortunately my travel plans had to change last minute, so I won’t be around during the main DevCon days in Osaka, but I will be in Japan for 2 weeks preceding it! If people are around before, I’d be happy to plan around meeting before the conference.

@shazow What about organising a remote meeting ? setup a call session, make a notes… remotely, without need to meet as it’s very hard to coordinate people to one location :slight_smile:

We have done that in the past, can certainly do it again. :slight_smile:


We are not going to Berlin or Tokio, so we would love to join to the remote meeting!

I started a fresh update thread, please post updates or any recent advancements that are relevant. :slight_smile: Constrained Resource Clients: September 2019 Update

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