Community Response to COVID-19

It now appears as the probability for spread of the disease in our community is becoming an actuality.

A little bit over a week ago I decided to dis-engage from working on COVID-19 preventive measures for Ethereum community events. It was a lot of work and I got very little feedback. I hope that someone can pick up on this topic.

Is there anyone interested in working on this issue?

There is a lot of ignorance of the complex issues around COVID-19, which is understandable because who needs another hairball besides Ethereum to understand. But the situation is dire, and we can’t only rely on our local health authorities for ideas and solutions.

Here is the Google Doc I started in order to provide recommendations after observing measures taken at ETH Denver:

Update: Twitter thread to anecdotally report if you got a flu before or after EthCC, or got tested for COVID-19.