Collateralized NFT Standard


This proposal recommends an extension of EIP-721 to allow for collateralization using a list of EIP-20 based tokens. The proprietor of this EIP collection could hold both the native coin and EIP-20 based tokens, with the tokenId acting as the access key to unlock the associated portion of the underlying EIP-20 balance.

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ghostNFT Lightpaper

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ghostNFT is live on 20+ EVM Chains

John McAfee Legacy (JML) NFT Collection is live on 20+ EVM Chains


This is the best project of the season,
Great project with potentials :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Hi authors of ERC-7595, this is Victor, an EIP editor and current operator of AllERCDevs.

I like to invite you to our next AllERCDevs meeting (online) to present for 10min of your ERCs if you are interested!

AllERCDevs is a bi-weekly meeting for ERC authors, builders and editors to meet and help the drafting and adoption of an ERC. The next one is 2024-04-02 UTC 2300, let us know if this time works for you, I can put this ERC in the agenda, or you can add a response directly at (Future) 2024-04-02 (E2S2) AllERCDevs Agenda Thursday (Asia/US friendly time) · Issue #19 · ercref/AllERCDevs · GitHub

Hi Victor! Pleasure to meet you. It will be great to participate in AllERCDevs meeting. Please let us know when is the next meeting, and what’s the best venue thru which to coordinate the meeting details.

However, a native coin does not carry an address. To address this, we propose utilizing a null address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) […]

Tiny suggestion, but we have ERC-7528: ETH (Native Asset) Address Convention that suggests using 0xeee...eee for a placeholder address for the native token of a chain.