Code of Conduct for In-Person Events

One of the things we don’t have yet for the Council of Prague or other in-person meetings is a code of conduct.

@mariapaulafn did you have something for EthBerlin?

@chisel did you have one for DogeCon Vancouver?

I’d like to have one before we meet in Prague. That likely means adopting an existing template.

@pmauric also brought up some thoughts privately on what, if anything, is needed for the forums here, but I’ll punt on that one, although the two are obviously related.

Hi! i do have one:


I posted this to Status to see if they are thinking about this.

They ended up doing the work of creating a CoC for the Hackathon. Thanks @exiledsurfer!

Have a look! Also need a point person for this — maybe part of @tomislavmamic @chisel responsibilities day of? Although I brought it up so can be a point person too.

Here’s what we made for devcon.


Great, thanks for sharing Virgil.

Here’s another CoC that seemed reasonable.

Yes, that’s what Status ended up with by updating the ETHBerlin one.