Charging for Tickets, Participant Numbers & Event Ticketing for Council of Paris 2019

Thanks for that!

No special comments, the purchase process ran quite smoothly, nothing significant to report.
However, I was rushing a bit and wanted to add my order number to the message afterwards, too late and I couldn’t find where to add it since the website with my order already had the order number written. From that point I wasn’t clear to what the “website” refers to and wether I should have added the order number to message in transaction?

Just that, otherwise all good and IMO you can push the button @boris

Great! The website being – as part of using the site, you can enter in a message, like in this screenshot:

I’ve filed an issue on the donations leaderboard page – if you have suggestions for design, wording, or other items, please comment.

And @markoprljic the wording can definitely be improved. I needed someone to test it – which you did! There isn’t, as far as I can tell, a please to come back and manually add something into an order.

Basically we need people to tell us their transaction that matches their order number if they don’t enter it into the message.

One more thing if we’re doing manual confirmations, assuming someone (I could as well) would do it daily in bulk maybe, to inform user that it may take up to xx hours to be confirmed and that they will get notified by email.

That was my concern after completing transaction. In Metamask I couldn’t add message to transaction with my order number, and I was paying via pretix.

Is there an option in pretix to add a field for sender address so we can match without relying on people telling us their order number and etherscan?

Yes. We can add custom questions. That’s a good solution.

I’ll file an issue to track what things we need to ask people for registration.

Here’s my thoughts right now:

  • food preferences
  • incoming ETH address
  • rings interested in
  • topics interested in, especially EIP numbers
  • open feedback / questions

Anything else we should ask as part of registration?

Following some common sense e-commerce usability (although this doesn’t strictly fall into this category) I’d leave the registration/purchase process flat with addition for sender address. Leave all other questions as part of a survey after confirmed purchase/transaction.

We have their emails, setting up a short survey (Google or other), to get more info that helps us better organise the event, is an easy task.

If confirmative, want me to help with that?

I understand your point of view from ecommerce. I have found that anything that attempts to gather info separately (e.g. Google Survey) has gotten 1% conversion.

We don’t have a problem with signups or ordering (or haven’t in the past). We do have problems with getting info and confirmation :slight_smile: – let’s add questions to pretix for now.

I’ll DM you here for your email address and invite you into pretix and we can go from there.

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