Can't see EIP-3664 on the list. Interested in knowing why

I’ve heard the concept of EIP-3664 for a very long time. Some NFT project is created based on it even though it’s just an EIP. So today I just wanted to check what’s the current status of it. But, I surprisingly found that I couldn’t find it anywhere in Really don’t know why. I thought - well if it’s not approved at least it should be under like withdraw or stagnant?

Anyone has any ideas? Really curious what’s the rule.

can anyone help me to understand it?

The PR for EIP-3664 hasn’t been merged.

EIP-3664 doesn’t exist right now and has never existed. Considering the lack of activity on the part of the author, it is unlikely that it will exist.

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Thanks for your reply.

As far as I know, couple of projects are based on EIP-3664, like Cradles and MM3NFT. If EIP doesn’t exist anymore, how will that affect the projects? Will they become…like illegal?

So, that means only if an EIP is merged, it will be listed here - All | Ethereum Improvement Proposals.

Am I understanding it correctly?

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Merging means it is visible from the EIP website and has met some basic minimum requirements, predominantly around formatting and basic content to become a draft EIP. This is only the first step in the process for an EIP.

Projects can create standards, it doesn’t need to be an EIP. In fact it is often better for ERCs to be developed only after successful use of features by multiple projects.

See: What kinds of things should be standardized? – William Entriken Blog

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That sounds nice. Thanks for your clarification.

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