Can someone help me to understand this scam?

So I found some youtube video with instructions on how to get free crypto.

It said open Atomic wallet and add a token, then enter a certain contract address.

Just for shits and giggles I did that with an empty wallet, and now it’s showing a balance of 50k USD in something called “VALUE”.

I looked it up and from what I can tell there’s a real crypto called “value liquidity”.

But I think this is actually some worthless Ethereum based custom coin that’s just glitching the wallet into displaying the price for the actual crypto called value.

When I check my address on an ETH explorer it’s showing 0 balance and no transactions. But Atomic wallet still thinks I’m holding 50k.

Anyways, This is for sure a scam, But What’s the angle here? How do the scammers get money from this? And how are they able to abuse a legit wallet into displaying a fake balance?