Call for EIPs in next AllCoreDevs call

The agenda for the next AllCoreDevs call (#58) has a call to discuss EIPs for Istanbul.

So far, no one has submitted any to be discussed, but have been several being discussed on this forum.

I just wanted to highlight that it may be worth it for the proposers/champions of these EIPs to attend the next call to discuss them. I’ll link a few here that have been discussed recently:


We’re probably going to need to reach out to folks and explain how to participate.

Eg Leave comment on GitHub issue, then hang out in AllCoreDevs Gitter to get the Zoom link before scheduled call.

@Recmo should get on the call for one.

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Good point. I didn’t want to tag everyone who was involved in the discussion of an EIP on this post though :sweat_smile:

EIP-1789. We’ll submit a properly formatted EIP very soon.

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