[call for action] EthCC Paris 2020

Dear Magicians :sparkles:

Time is runnig so fast and so we need to act.
We are planning to have another gathering during the first day of EthCC in March in Paris :fr:
Now we need to confirm brief agenda with the organisers of the conference. We would like to invite Core Devs, Researchers, @vbuterin to have similar session as at Devcon5 in Osaka :jp:

[call for action]

  1. What kind of sessions would you like to see?
  2. Your recommendation for a special host that you would like to see at EthCC?

Feel free to post ideas below :bulb:

We have confirmed room for approximately 150 people for almost whole day of first day of the EthCC conference :slight_smile:

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I’d love a sessions on the current state of the art of layer 2 solutions, in particular ZK and Optimistic Rollups.

Also, I’d like to offer my help as a volunteer during the event, and before if you ever need someone who speaks french / is based in france.

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Hi there,

I’d echo @Amxx on L2. Would also suggest topics around DeFi and composability (as well as cross-shard transactions in ETH 2.0).

Also, happy to volunteer, am based in France (not Paris)

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Ideas for EthCC that @anettrolikova and I came up with:

  • Hobbyist-focused workshop? On the lesser known clients. Get people to pitch in running turbo-geth, besu, and trinity nodes instead of parity/geth, and help with testing and collecting usage data for the underdog clients
  • Same would work for ETH2 testnets
  • ZK and Optimistic Rollups
  • Topics around DeFi and composability (as well as cross-shard transactions in ETH 2.0).
  • ETH1.x session (with the Eth1.x Researchers and other stakeholders)
  • Marketing DAO session? This is an important new initiative
  • A session to talk about how to improve the community (drama reduction session)

Also, it would be a good idea to meet up about client diversity, and specifically have an open discussion about the fate of the Parity Ethereum client.


We are looking for someone who’s running Ethereum node and is willing to share experiences with running the node.
Especially if you’re running trinity, besu, or nethermind node - that would be super helpful.

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I fit the bill and I’d be willing to help out. What do you need?

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Awesome @faraggi ! :slight_smile:

Ethereum Node Workshop
Session focused on running Ethereum Node, focused on running nodes mainly trinity, besu, or nethermind (instead of geth). This talk will be focused on:

  • Introduce running Ethereum node - briefly introduce running Ethereum node
  • Requirements - what’s required to do, have to run Ethereum node, HW requirements
  • Experiences - share your experiences, how much it cost to run a node, how much you can make by running the node
  • Q & A

Goal of this talk: introduce running Ethereum node in a simple way

In order to prepare for this, what does it mean exactly to “share my experience”?

“share your experience” means if you had some troubles with running node how you solved them or any other ideas that came to your mind that you would like to share with the community regarding to a running ethereum node ie what would you like to know before running the node.

You can make this session so it will fit you, bullet points mentioned above are just ideas how this session can look like. Goal of this session (talk) have to (should) be fulfilled :slight_smile:

I would also be happy to help and introduce “Ethereum on RaspberryPi”.

I am the author of Running an Ethereum Full Node on a RaspberryPi 4 (model B) and contributor to the kauri knowledge community called Ethereum Node Runners.

Running a node on Single-Board computer like RaspberryPi at home is really convenient and cost efficient compared to running a node in the cloud or on your own Desktop PC. Unfortunately, only Geth and Parity are currently optimized enough to run on such a small machine.


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Details about the different node types, and the importance of having archive nodes in any serious infrastructure would be a nice addition. I personally do not manage the eth nodes that my company has, but we might have some interresting story to share. Mine would defenitelly be: not having an archive node sucks!

Edit: I’d also love story about “running multiple nodes and load balancing between them for increased QoS”

@anettrolikova what I meant was; who will be running the workshop? is it to be run only by experience sharers? or are we ‘guests’ in a small part of the workshop? Should I prepare slides? or just come up and speak about my experience?

@gregjeanmart adding something about the rasbpi would be realy cool. awesome to see you in paris this year.

Amxx good ideas. (unrelated, your webpage is returning a 502) (can’t mention more than 2 ppl)

@faraggi it’s up to the community who will be running the workshop. Now I’m guessing that you would like to lead this “Ethereum Node” workshop. I mentioned above (in a bullet points) what we think that would be great to mention during this workshop.
From my perspective, having a slides (and probably the node itself) on a workshop would be great (just a suggestion).

Wow @gregjeanmart ! Awesome article :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing link to the kauri community.

If you (@faraggi) would like to collaborate with someone who can talk about other node or share his/her perspective, you can :slight_smile: Maybe @gregjeanmart could join and you guys can prepare this session together.

I’m happy to help as much as I can.

@anettrolikova I didn’t really know what to expect when responding but its much clearer now.

And, yeah, I actually know @gregjeanmart personally and I’d be glad to co-host it with you Greg. Greg, lets sync via email one of these days and see if that makes sense.
Will update here with any info.

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Awesome ! :sparkles:
Thanks Felipe :slight_smile:

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Perfect, I will follow up with @faraggi and see how we can make it happen !

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@gregjeanmart @faraggi I’d love to help out if you’re interested in having more helping hands there. I have experience running Geth. (Gregorie - I’m the guy who wrote an article based on yours.)

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