Call for a Regular AllERCDevs Virtual Meetup

Hi all, we are proposing a new virtual meetup. here is the proposal

Call for a Regular AllERCDevs

Created: 2023-04-24
Last Updated: 2023-04-24
Author: xinbenlv@, jpitts@ (please feel free to add your name if you contributed)
With input from: hudsonjameson@, kdenhartog@, anettrolikova@


Hi friends,

My name is Victor (, I am an EIP Author and one of the EIP Editors. Among other areas, I contribute the most to ERC standards.

As some of our Ethereum friends know, we have been circulating an idea to hold a regular call for people involved in authoring ERCs, building dApps and smart contracts which depend on ERCs (they almost always do!), and to advocate for open standards and interoperability.

We have received quite positive responses and interests to start it, and hence the proposal.


Provide a venue for synchronized collaboration: Today, the discussion about ERCs (the application level of Ethereum on top of EVM) is overly asynchronous. You can discuss over Github Commits, EthMagicians and OpenZeppelin forum threads, and Discord servers including Ethereum Cat Herders and Eth R&D. While the asynchronous approach has many advantages, synchronized discussion (i.e., live meetings) could provide many complements. AllCoreDevs and AllWalletDevs are great examples of how developers, when they coordinate well, can help boost a discussion, improve productivity, and accelerate social consensus forming.

Bring people together: We also hope to make it a place where great contributors can meet each other, learn from each other, and bring a touch of humanity to each other.


  1. Target participants: ERC authors, contributors, smart contract devs, dApp devs, researchers, security experts, economists, and generally anyone who cares for bringing more openness and interoperability to smart contract and dApp developments.
  2. Frequency: Bi-weekly, rotating between two time zones for maximal participation (to poll the early prospective participants).
  3. Length: 1 hour main session + 0.5 optional social/breakout room discussions.
  4. Medium: Video Conferencing.
  5. Persistency: Recordings, transcriptions, and summaries will be considered for public records, just like AllCoreDevs, for people who didn’t make it or who want to refer to or research them.

Sample outline of a session

As we want to create a space to bring the target participants together, here is a typical outline of a session:

  1. 20-minute show & tell sharing: finalized ERCs, reference implementations, dApps use cases, preso from AllWalletDev or AllCoreDev for cross-layer converstion.
  2. 30-minute authors of pending ERCs to share their proposal and ask for peer review comments.
  3. 10-minute other discussions.
  4. [optional] 30-minute breakout room social chat.