Breakout Session - Community Governance Group - Engage for Self-Management

core questions:

  • how to motivate people to become active in the community?
  • how to engage with members? without loosing decentralization, without setting rules?

further topics:

  • how do you activate people without telling them what to do?
  • language - can there be something that we can give a name to: kudos, tacos, tips.
  • do we want to seduce people into activating themselves. human nature maybe doesn’t change.

hashtag: #ethcommunity

raw transcript:

Boris: - Leading question: can social recognition be used to incentivize people to become active?
Ome: - being grateful works in small communities
Michael: - we are conditioned for certain modes of collaboration. a mind-switch is often needed.
Boris - intro to unconferences (eg. barcamp).
- those are also self-organizing communities. a workshop is part of it.
Matteo - understanding the other person’s perception of hierarchy is important.

Ome - objection: agents have dependency over each other. what are value creation drives?
- in small communities you want to destroy “power”.
Matteo - disadvantage of tokens: once there is an on-chain economy, people that don’t understand code are left out.
Boris - are kudos/tacos comparable?
Facilio - go back, in which ways does decentralization not work?
Matteo - tipping and appreciation.
Boris - all of this are societal interactions.
johann - kudos and tacos is not enough, high touch motivation is needed, how to do?
Boris - commons based peer production is cool. it goes beyond just code. prevent technocratic capture. are we forcing people into a certain world?
Michael - should there be a how?
Facilio - decentralization not working. can we gather this?
Ome - is this much different from other organizations? open source?
Boris - now people don’t understand how centralized OS projects are
- 2 tools available voice and exit
- meta-magicians created “templates”
- eg. hold a magicians event
- act of making of template has some learning
- legitimacy of template has to be choose.
noname - egos create problems
- decentralization can only work with framework, like movement
- “the swarm” by Rick Falkvinge.
Facilio - framework is needed. centralization of value in decentralized organization.
Boris - vitalik lambo is funny. for people outside might not be.
- altcoin is offensive. connotation to alt-right in NA
Nikita - tipping communities are great
Boris - coming up with a few words to pick from for social attribution / credit
Matteo - seduction is different from education.
Michael - education today is a bad design.
Ome - tried to trow an illegal party. you have to run after people. only 3 of 25 were proactive.
Boris - can we have people scale by themselves.
Michael - instructions are necessary.
Ome - looking up to heroes of our tribe.
Michael - what about giving them instructions? tell the to be proactive.
Boris - google todos sheet.
- what if we use github issues for everything
- “great for issue”
- please contribute one thing that can be done.
- getting a loop going.
Michael - small tasks have helped me to become part of community.
- initial direction needed.
Boris - is there a way to use roles to “flip newbs into active”.
Matteo - will tipping be still fluid next week.

What do you think? what ideas work the best? what are your experiences?