Berlin Summer Council Final Update

This was sent out via email to people that registered. All are welcome to join the event or participate via livestream. Feel free to ask questions in the comments

We are looking forward to welcoming 60+ people to the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians Berlin Summer Council!

Please review the important information below, hit “reply” to get in touch.

Timing & Agenda


Saturday & Sunday

  • Please arrive for 10am both days, c-base (you can get off Jannowitzbrücke and walk along the southern shore of the Spree)
  • We’ll have name tags, but no formal registration
  • breakfast & lunch is provided, thanks to Web3 Foundation for sponsoring
  • we can continue to stay at c-base past 6pm, just that it is a shared space; there will be a cash bar available, and we can order in food for dinner

@jpitts & @boris are sitting down Thursday to do further work on the agenda and proposed topics.

We will kick off on Saturday with @jpitts, @gcolvin et all to set the rules of engagement, principles, and so on.

Expect this to be very collaborative and unconference style. We’ll have a “main” space where we can all gather, and some set aside space and time where people can choose to gather in smaller groups. Plus: outside space for “hallway conversations”.


Do you have slides? Lightning talks or EIPs can be usefully illustrated with 3 - 10 slides, and are great to capture along with (short) talks. Please email @boris (reply to this email) your slides so we can run them from one laptop.

Sponsors & Donations

Thank you sponsors!

  • Web3 Foundation: host organization on the ground in Berlin, taking care of breakfast & lunch both days
  • Santiment: video streaming team sponsorship, paying for the video crew to come and capture talks & mini interviews
  • Community Sponsors are those that have donated 1 ETH or more – thank you Giveth and Livepeer

We ask that attendees consider a suggested 0.1 ETH donation as we build out the Magi and help support councils and working groups.

Thank you as well to @ligi for being our keyholder at c-base.


Follow @EthMagicians, mention that account or tag with #ethmagicians

See you Saturday morning! (or Friday for beer!)


Amazing, everyone. See you on Friday and at the workshops :raised_hands:


I’d like to present a short talk 10 min with a QnA on token standards and the NFT ecosystem.

My slides will be gdocs public link. Thanks Boris and everyone for organizing!

@mattlock you can add it to the agenda yourself: Wiki: Proposed agenda for the "Council of Berlin", set for July 14-15 (updated) . Looking forward to hearing it!

Thank you Lane, looking forward to it.

Just noticed this is happening. Is it too late to register now (just did it)?

Hi @void4 — everyone is welcome. This post should have all the info you need to attend.

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Hi Ladies and Gents! So sad about my schedule change to Korea for blockchain week and inability to meet for the Summer Council.

I was looking forward to collaborate on optimizing the EIP process, scaling Magicians globally and methods to decentralize the product backlog without all the noise. Hopefully this message gives sufficient time to make any changes if needed. Good news is that my partner and friend @Jason_C will be there! :slight_smile:

@boris thanks for all your contributions
@jpitts Jason had so many good things to say about you, hope to meet you sometime soon
@gcolvin And we miss each other once again - maybe I’ll see you in CO

Have fun and excited for great things to happen!

Here is Hasan, organizer of dev community in Berlin. I will stop by this weekend, looking forward to meet the Magicians!

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@boris or @jpitts Do you know when we will have the final link for the LivePeer stream to share?

I have all the videos and will be uploading them to Viewly in the next couple of days. They will be linked / embedded in the forum.