Are we meeting at EDCON in Toronto?

Good morning. Will there be a magicians workshop at or around EDCON in Toronto?

Or will the next meeting be in Berlin in summer?

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The July meeting in Berlin will be our next official “Council”, but there is a session at EDCON Toronto that @lrettig is organizing to work on community / governance. I do not yet see this in the agenda though.

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Happy to know that there will be an EDCON session! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hands:

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Will be there! Definitely excited to chat!

Hi guys! We’re planning to organize something slightly different at Edcon – rather than a tech-focused Magicians gathering, we’re cooking up a gathering to discuss governance from the ethical/political/philosophical/legal (“philosophical”, in short) angles, called “EIP0” (and maybe it will turn into a Fellowship of Ethereum Philosophers). We’re working on the details now and will announce them here ASAP, but it’s going to happen the day before Edcon kicks off, i.e., Weds, May 2 in the afternoon/evening, if you want to save the date.


Looking forward to it! Was just at an event with Santiago Siri and this came up in conversation. Excited to talk about it!

P.S. we’re having an event on DAOs in New Haven on the 14th if you’re interested…

Could you email or tweet me more info? thanks!

Hi guys,
do you plan on live streaming the impromptu meeting in Toronto (an online chat would be great too) ?

Hey @jdetychey we’re figuring that out right now, but yes, that’s the plan. We just put up an Eventbrite page for the event here:

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Where is the venue for the governance event? Unless we’re just going to walk around all of Toronto, I’m game for that haha.

I’m a Toronto local if you guys need help finding a space.

Will there be dinner at the event? I’ll be flying in pretty close to the start time haha.

There’s a general location listed in the eventbrite invite. We’ll email the exact location to attendees the night before. Let me get back to you on the food question!

Thanks for the kind offer :slight_smile: we do have a venue!

Thanks for posting! Looking forward

Correction: the exact address will be shared via email with attendees the day of the event.

@lrettig seems that it is sold out already, but one or two people from Status would love to come if you could squeeze us in?

Looking forward to! Cheers from Sydney