Anyone here has the key to 42ae2a..eee0fb12 and owns magicians.eth?

@boris brought up correctly that if we link to the github wiki pages we might have link rot in the future when Microsoft sinks and drags github down with it now …

I would like some archive from the github content anyway. Could be a github app that at every wiki change checks out the git that backs the wiki.

But to prevent link rot when vanishes (or decides it does not want any ethereum content anymore) we could even render this content to html (I did something similar here) - and then perhaps serve it via swarm or IPFS behind an ens name to prevent this scenario.

So anyone here has the key to 42ae2a8a80fe2e8dea3820cdf927f454eee0fb12 ?


Haha! My scenario was slightly less dire. Moving off of any service, including Github, where you don’t have a domain under your control means you can’t redirect.

We already accidentally did this for the Berlin Council website, probably having an events subdomain for future instances.

Regardless: that would be an amazing ENS domain!