Any funding/interest available for EIP-689 (Address Collision) and EIP1829 (Eliptic Curve)

Went through this list and there is 2 more EIPs currently looking for Champions.

689 - Address Collision of Contract Address Causes Exceptional Halt

1829 - Precompile for Elliptic Curve Linear Combinations

I just submitted to shepherd Blake2b. I would consider shepherding those two a well as long as there is interest. I spend most of my time in the ETH1.X world these days so it wouldn’t be too much for my plate right now.

The later I believe is the one that @AlexeyAkhunov mentioned has a team already working on it.

Yep - I found it in the notes.

EIP 1829 will be championed by Alexander Vlasov who has been working on this implementation already for quite a while.

I like 689. Even though this should be practically impossible, it would be great to have an extra layer of security in the protocol itself. Some conversations I had were about, for instance, discovering private keys. While this EIP does not solve this “problem”, it is close to this problem. If you can show to a person that you cannot “guess” private key sets to create a contract (e.g. find two accounts which deploy to the same address), because it fails on protocol level that would be great.

Since this is already the case for CREATE2, I think that CREATE should not be treated on a different foot. In CREATE2 it is obvious to create hash collissions (by providing the same seed and the same init code hash) in CREATE this is less obvious but should be treated on the same foot anyways. I would love to see this pushed to Constantinople.

@jochem-brouwer You have the Bandwith to tackle the development side/tests/reference implementations? I am happy to run with the rest.