Announcing the First EIPIP Meeting

The first EIPIP (EIP Improvement Proposals) Zoom meeting will be this upcoming Wednesday at 15:00 UTC (10:00AM EST). The EIPIP meetings are meant to spark discussion to streamline/improve the EIP process as well as finding ways to attract new EIP editors. I may stream the call, but will definitely upload it to YouTube after. I welcome anyone to join the call. To participate in the discussion and get the call information reach out to me on Telegram (@Souptacular) and I’ll share the Telegram chat link.


The EIP improvement discussions are being facilitated by the Ethereum Cat Herders. Agendas and notes for the meetings are posted here:

@anettrolikova and I also both know the Telegram chat link if anyone is interested in participating. This link is kept private for the time being due to problems with spam in Telegram :cry: .

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