All Core Devs - Consensus (ACDC) call #134, May 30 2024


Consensus-layer Call 134 · Issue #1050 · ethereum/pm · GitHub

Moderator: @ralexstokes


Recap by @ralexstokes:

This call was packed with various discussions around scoping the upcoming Pectra hard fork.

  • Began with a recap of devnet-0, which generally went really well!
  • Next, covered a variety of updates, extensions or modifications to the existing EIP set
  • Then turned to a new EIP (number 7688) to consider inclusion reflecting learnings from devnet-0
  • Touched on early PeerDAS devnet alongside devnet-0, which also went very well given how early the implementations are
  • Spent the rest of the call discussing fork scoping for Pectra
    • Check out the call for the full color
    • Many teams/contributors expressed a variety of options
    • Rough consensus formed around the importance of PeerDAS
    • To reflect an intent to include PeerDAS in Pectra, while derisking feature sets and timelines, client teams agreed to build PeerDAS as part of the Electra fork with a separate activation epoch
      • If PeerDAS R&D goes well, this activation epoch can simply be the Pectra fork epoch
      • If client teams discover difficulties with PeerDAS after implementation over the coming months, we have the option to set the PeerDAS activation epoch after the Pectra epoch (including possibly setting it so far in the future we would be able to schedule for a future hard fork)
    • Otherwise, we agreed to keep the existing Pectra scope as is
  • We didn’t quite have time to finish the discussion around EIP-7688 (stable container SSZ upgrade), which we will cover on the next call!

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